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How to Turn Any Document Into a PDF

There’s PDF functionality built right into Finder as well. If you select multiple files and then Ctrl+click on the selection,…

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Tips for Cargo Biking With Your Kids

When I started reviewing electric cargo bikes years ago, they were expensive, niche vehicles for a specific subset of eccentric…

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KEF’s New LS60 Wireless Speakers Are an Absolute Triumph

The ultra-slim profile and interior-design-friendly aesthetic belies the power and authority of the performance. In the world of floor-standing speakers…

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Peloton’s ‘Worst-Kept Secret’ Is Out (Yes, It’s a Rowing Machine)

Yesterday afternoon, the Twitter account for digital fitness company Peloton tweeted an emoji of a person rowing a boat. That’s…

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The HyperX Quadcast S Is Our Go-To Streaming Mic

For a time, if you were looking for a USB mic to start a podcast, stream on Twitch, or even…

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Where to Buy Vinyl Records Online and in Person

Independent record stores are also a great way to buy new releases, as they often give higher cuts to smaller…

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9 Great Deals on Audio Tech, Projectors, and Coffee Gear

Going outside is expensive. Well, not literally, but it does seem like every time I walk out my front door…

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How to Use Tech to Perform Acts of Kindness

The need to spread goodwill feels more vital than ever. After coping with a global pandemic for more than two…

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A comprehensive overview of Windows 11 22H2, the OS’s first big yearly update

Enlarge / Windows 11 22H2 is entering its next stage of development, according to rumors—and the OS itself. Andrew Cunningham…

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The Pixel 6a is getting a new fingerprint sensor, wider 14-country rollout

Google The Pixel 6a is shaping up to be one of the most promising smartphone releases of the year. With a…

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