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How to Turn a Coke Can Into an Eavesdropping Device

BLACK HAT ASIA — A soda can, a smartphone stand, or any shiny, lightweight desk decoration could pose a threat of…

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US Agrees to International Electronic Cybercrime Evidence Swap

The US Department of Justice has signed on to the Budapest Convention international treaty, which allows its 66 member countries…

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CISO Shares Top Strategies to Communicate Security’s Value to the Biz

BLACK HAT ASIA 2022 – When it comes to demonstrating the value of cybersecurity to a business, one of the…

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Black Hat Asia: Democracy’s Survival Depends on Taming Technology

BLACK HAT ASIA 2022 – Technology is an existential threat to global democracy — requiring a shift to a transnationally regulated, culturally sensitive tech ecosystem…

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Cylance vs CrowdStrike: EDR software comparison

See what features you can expect from Cylance and CrowdStrike to choose the EDR solution that is ideal for your…

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Linux, OpenSSF Champion Plan to Improve Open Source Security

Marking the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, the Linux Foundation and the Open…

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Start a new career in ethical hacking with these 18 training courses

You can have a great career helping companies secure their data by becoming a white hat hacker. Try this training…

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Log4Shell Exploit Threatens Enterprise Data Lakes, AI Poisoning

Enterprise data lakes are filling up as organizations increasingly embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning — but unfortunately, these…

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Data Transformation: 3 Sessions to Attend at RSA 2022

For the past decade — and more so during the past three years — cybersecurity has become an epicenter of…

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How to Avoid Falling Victim to PayOrGrief’s Next Rebrand

In July 2021, the second largest city in Greece fell victim to a cyberattack orchestrated by an apparently amateur ransomware…

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