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This wild salmon hybrid is raising concerns in Canada

This article was originally featured on Field & Stream. We recently came across a 2019 story about team of researchers…

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Why ‘rooftop wind’ simply can’t compete with rooftop solar

When you think about renewable energy, you might think about solar panels and wind turbines. With solar power, you can…

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The souped-up Large Hadron Collider is back to take on its weightiest questions yet

The bleeding edge of physics lies in a beam of subatomic particles, rushing in a circle very near the speed…

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This top-rated app offers brain training exercises, and it’s on sale

It’s common practice to head to the gym a few times a week to get a workout in and build…

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Anyone can be a streamer. Here’s how to start.

Every month, 8 million people go live on Twitch, broadcasting their passions and talents to the entire world. And at…

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How Do Pilots Make Up Time in the Air?

You’ve just started the first leg of an international flight and your flight’s been delayed. But as you taxi to…

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Could Life Use a Longer Genetic Code? Maybe, but It’s Unlikely

As wildly diverse as life on Earth is—whether it’s a jaguar hunting down a deer in the Amazon, an orchid…

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Environmental groups blame the EPA for over 1,000 dead manatees

This article was originally featured on Outdoor Life. Three environmental groups filed a federal lawsuit due to the high number…

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These laser scans show how fires have changed Yosemite’s forests

A forest can take many different shapes: prickly with oak undergrowth, dim and mossy, or sunlit and full of soft…

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Best Samsung laptops of 2022

Samsung is well-known for making some of the most popular smartphones, tablets, and TVs, but did you know the company…

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